the Dreamers Disease (theamazingidiot) wrote,
the Dreamers Disease

Qdoba's and beer

So last night was rather interesting. Well, it was actually just like every other night that I dont have to work. Drink drink drink.

Anyways, Nate and I went and got Qdoba's today. 2 burrito's each, one for now, one for later..Which later is actually becoming now because I'm getting hungry again.

ANYWAYS, this is the best part. READ THIS PART:

Nate and I spot attractive young lady that we have seen at Billy's Roadhouse before. So as she's standing there ordering up her burrito Nate makes an excellent observation.

Nate: She has the head of a fat chick

Me: wow Nate, what an excellent observation! I knew something just wasn't right but I couldn't pin point it, thank you.

That was real neat. And the burrito was even better.
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