the Dreamers Disease (theamazingidiot) wrote,
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interesting dream.....

Very interesting dream
Man, what a weird, but really life-like dream I had today. It's very rare when I have a dream where I can actually remember thinking about what is happening to me. Today I had the most "real life" like dream I can ever remember having. I won't get into the details of the beginning of the dream because I don't think they have any relevance to the ending. Let's just say I was bouncing around from house to house, partying with people and yadda yadda. I kept ending up in weird places and I couldn't figure out how I would get to them. At one point I remember slipping down a really sandy cliff into some deep water. I knew I was defintely going to drown because the cliff was so sandy and steep there was no way I could get back up. I remember there being a tree sticking up out of the water and I held a small branch to stop from struggling when a spider (I'm assuming a water spider) ran across my hand. I kinda laughed because it didn't scare me. I remember thinking I don't have time to worry about spiders when I knew there was no way I could ever make it back up that cliff....Somehow, I don't remember how, but I was suddenly at another party, telling the story of being stuck in that water...Unfortunately I never got to the end of the story and never got to figure out how the hell I got out of that situation. Next place in the dream Keith, Abe and I were suddenly at this bridge watching this guy ride around on some small boat like thing, and he was telling us how he waits out here for a guy who flew off the bridge on his motorcycle and died. He says that some nights you can see him real quick flashing thru the air...Being intrigued by this Keith, Abe, and I decided to stick around and see what happens. Before to long the current picked up and he fell off his lil motorized bike like thing. All 3 of us jumped into the river and tried to save him. The water just kept getting harder and harder to fight and soon we were all being swept down stream....Next thing I know we were inside a tunnel and the water was only about a foot deep. So we began walking and there was no end to the tunnell in sight...It was so weird to be in a dream thinking about how weird it all was....I remember passing a cowboy, it sounds funny but it was so strange because it was so real...We just stared, he was heading the opposite way in the tunnell and I nodded to him, he said 'good evening' and kept walking like it was just normal to pass a cowboy, equipped with a holster and guns, and a big hat and chaps and all the roy rogers he could muster. If it hadn't been so real, it probably would've been extremely funny but I just kept thinking "where the fuck are we? And why the fuck did a cowboy just pass us?" I faintly remember other people passing us as well, but the cowboy is the only one that really stuck out. Next thing I know, we must've exited the tunnell, because we were being loaded onto a bus. I don't remember if Keith and Abe were still with me, but I remember wondering why the hell I was getting on this bus. I sat down and looked around me, some people seemed just as confused as I was, while others seemed to be really comfortable and having what kinda looked like a good time. Some of the bus had some seats and the other half was just open space where people were kinda sitting/and or standing...I got up and wandered back there and sat on the floor when 2 girls about my age came up and were standing right infront of me...I was so confused and kinda scared to ask, because I knew others would hear me, but I did anyways- "What year is this? Are we in the 2000's? Where the hell are we?" The girl who was really pretty, which I didn't care, but I remember her being that way, suddenly looked at me real sad like and then her face turned really old. All of a sudden, even tho she was in the same clothes, she said to me in a super sad tone "I don't know young man, I believe I've been riding this bus for 51 years, I think we are in hell". At this point I realized whereever I was going I was either dead or I was going to be dead soon. I looked around more nervously and some people were kinda smiling and smirking and making gestures to each other about me and the other ones who were very confused. I do remember thinking a lot about my parents and thinking that at least my parents know that I love them and I know that they love me. I could tell we were getting close to whereever we were going because people were getting antsier and more restless...I looked out the bus and at one point it looked like we were driving thru clio but I wasn't really worried about where we were at, I was more worried about where we were gonna end up. I got up and walked towards the front of the bus and found a guy about my age and sat next to him....Right before I was started talking to him a guy stood up in the very front and made an announcement about how we were almost there and how the new ones will soon learn...or something like that. Either way I knew then that I was dead or I was soon going to be dead. I don't know how I knew, but I did....I turned to the guy next to me and asked "Is this gonna hurt?" He looked at me and smirked and then said "Just stay on the ropes and don't drink too much". I remember my last thoughts being about how I just wish I could see my loved ones one more time, but at the same time I knew I didn't have any battles with anyone and that even tho my life was, or was about to be over, I was okay with the way I treated people and the way people treated me. Then I just started asking, in my head, to see everyone one more time...over and over again...I was starting to get more nervous but I remember calming myself down thinking, "stay on the ropes, don't drink to much" and then looking around and seeing that even tho the people on the bus seemed stuck there, some actually had made friends and maybe after I had to go thru whatever it was I was about to go through I would be okay once I wasn't one of the new ones. Then I thought about my parents again and how much I was going to miss them....Then I woke up......................................I'd like to study this dream. I'd say that it defintely has a lot of maybe going to heaven, maybe going to hell and maybe the bus being a purgatory thing and thats where I was at...and maybe I was about to get a challenge to see if I was going to make it into heaven or get sent to hell, or whatever...Maybe the people passing us in the tunnel were going to heaven? Maybe they were going to hell? Those words keep haunting me tho, "stay on the ropes and don't drink too much". I can't help but to think it felt so real for a reason...Or maybe my subconscious was being super creative this morning. Holla if you hear me! hah.
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