the Dreamers Disease (theamazingidiot) wrote,
the Dreamers Disease

American Idol

American Idol is the worst show ever. Now wait, I didn't say "You have to think that American Idol is the worst show ever". I understand not everyone thinks this. There's millions of people who tune in to watch this piece of shit t.v. show. My mom, whom I love dearly, is a huge fan. I just don't agree with it. For one, most of the people on there, are again in my opinion, horrible singers. They might be okay in their church choir or just because they played Sandy from Grease in their middle school production does not make them someone America should idolize. Fact- everyone who has ever been on the show, or tried out for the show, is probably a better singer than me. I don't care. I just can't stand it. They take these kids who were born with a voice thats mediocre and turn them into stars overnight. Anything that somebody does not have to work for is something I cannot get behind. My advice for these kids who want to be on this show...go start a band, write your own damn songs and work hard. Night after night. See if you want this. See if you can handle this. Most of these "singers" are more interested in being on t.v. than they are becoming true artists. It's more of a pagaent than a talent. The popular ones move on, where as the ones who don't have 100,000 friends voting for them every night get kicked off.
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