the Dreamers Disease (theamazingidiot) wrote,
the Dreamers Disease


the whole 'not drinkign or smokign' thing lasted about 4 nights. Which is good. I just got sick of not doing it. I guess I gotta understand that my 'wild oats'(whatever the fuck those are) are still ah churnin'. It's good times though for sure and thats what it's all about right? right. So yeah, still working out and eating good and all that stuff. Just gotta accept that I just like drinking. That's that.

Anyways, about 'acceptance'..I was reading Rolling Stone yesterday and even though I don't really like My Chemical Romance, I read an article on singer Gerard Way. And he was talking about how he tolerates a lot and doesn't see why the world looks down on others and stuff. And his quote blew my mind, it was simple but it totally fits me: "I'm just really into acceptance". I love it. No I will not buy your albums Mr. Way, but I will direct quote your wise words.

I think "I'm just really into acceptance" should be on my tombstone..yeah, that'd be weird. People would walk by and go "what the hell?" and then it should say something about me being 'one bad mamma jamma' and then people would laugh and point..and probably vandalize it. But hey...I could accept it.
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