the Dreamers Disease (theamazingidiot) wrote,
the Dreamers Disease


This is not an emo post..this is not a rant..this is not me in a depression..this me analyzing...and thats a good thing..anyways..

Most days I wish that I could go back to when I was 19..when things were so exciting. 19!!! I have my whole life ahead of me! So many exciting things to come. Psssh. I haven't done much since I graduated high school..yeah 3 associate degrees from MOTT. But anyone knows that associates don't mean shit today. Especially when you want to work in a psychology related field...Seems like I'm still 19...Nothing has all..Except that I drink more and I smoke now (when I drink)..Piddily stuff has my job and some weight gain and more school credits..but defintely not enough. When I was younger I just always thought I'd be older at age 24...

Heres to feeling 19..

I need a change. A big one. And not a bad one.

But alas!, I am content and for the most part I am a very happy guy. Just weird how time slips by and I look back and 5 years and I am still waiting for something different. AH well.

St. Pattys day! Flint town bars. give me a shout on my cell. If you don't have the number and want it, e-mail me. Starting out at Buffalo Wild Wings in Fenton and then to the Loft in downtown and from there..well it's wherever the party takes us.
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