the Dreamers Disease (theamazingidiot) wrote,
the Dreamers Disease

Life as I know it.

Life is crazy. I never expected this summer to be as much fun as it has been so far. I need to plan something other than the usual though. I am getting sick of the usual...drinking, drinking, drinking and smoking cigs. I used to really be against cigarettes but now I am smoking them often. Whatever. I want to exercise more though for sure. It's hard to run when a pack of cancerous demon sticks are clogging your lungs. I used to be stronger than this...I used to be better than this...

But other than the drinking and smoking life has been great. I have been spending a lot of time with my wonderful girlfriend Megan. It's still weird to have a girlfriend sometimes. I mean, it's not a bad thing at all...I am just so used to being alone, but I love being around it all works out for the best. I have always said I didn't think I would ever be able to have a girlfriend again but Megan makes it really easy. I just don't do well with relationships and things like that because I hate it when people let little things bug them. But with her everything is going really great and I don't see anything changing. Looks good.

Tattoos. Need more of those.

Motorcycle- went to Hell yesterday with my parents and Angela. It's really nice having a girlfriend that don't care that one of my best friends is a girl. I know it helps that Angela is a lesbian but still, I could see some girls being very skeptical and weary about the whole situation. But Megan takes it well and has even become friends with Angela which makes it all even better.

Speaking of motorcycle rides, Megan and I took off to Higgins Lake on the 4th of July. Stayed at Abe's aunt and uncles Wed and Thurs...then on Friday we took off across the state and stayed in Tawas. We stayed at this place named 'the Dale Motel' and it was a good time saying that in a very red neckish voice. I am not used to motels, but I am not a materialistic bastard so we stayed in the lil place which turned out to be nice, even though they never even asked for my I.D. or anything. Maybe it's because I paid with cash, but I found that sorta odd. Whatever, I had comedy central and liquor and my girlfriend of course, so it was all good.

I need to quit spending money at the bar. Last night my tab was like 63 bucks or something ridiculous like that. Saturday night it was around that much too. That's just a waste. People tell me "but you have a good job, you can afford it"....I don't care how much money you make, seeing a bar tab like that never feels good. But it always comes back...never learn..

Other than all this bla bla bla I really don't know what else to write about. I am sure everyone is enjoying my ramblings but I am now going to go watch 'Jeopardy' with your host, Alex Trebec!
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